Browns – Covent Garden – A blast from the past

Meeting up with a couple of past colleagues, we decided to venture into the West End and visit a restaurant that we used to frequent many years ago. Always a pleasure to revisit the past, and it was with some excitement that we chose Browns in St Martin’s Lane for this week’s girls meet up. Many an evening was spent here, some 20 years ago, and even my hen night was enjoyed here, along with a trip to the theatre. But off course I visit restaurants now as a vegan and more recently as a non-drinker, so please catch up with my vegan experiences in my review on Tripadvisor …..

Tripadvisor Review

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Wow! Not happy about this

When these new products started springing up in Tesco & Sainsburys, I was so happy.  I have to say I have not bought any for myself as I thought they were expensive compared to the other ready meals available instore.  To be honest I do prefer to cook my food from scratch so that I know exactly what is in it, even to the level of using pure water to my cooking for soups or pasta or rice where the water will be absorbed and actually consumed.  But hey great the the manufacturers are hearing their customers.

No so, it would appear if you can believe this video, animal DNA has apparently been found in vegan meals.  Please let this not be true……

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The Vegan Prophecy

Since I am struggling to know how to communicate without causing offence, I am going to leave this wonderful man to say all the things that I want to say but he says better.

Joey Crabstrong, an amazing orator and advocate for the animals.

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7 Day Juice Fast

I was thrilled to receive the wonderful birthday present of a new juicer and blender.  My last juicer was bought as a temporary item, 8 years ago.  I had bought a cheap one as I didn’t want to waste money before establishing whether juicing was for me.  I used that one, years ago to do the 7-day juice fast and lost 10 lbs.  That was when my health was bad and in my pre-vegan days.  That juicer still works so I will pass it on to someone who might want to try juicing before investing in a better one.

Now, onto that wonderful juicing selection that I was given.  I cannot recommend this enough, easy to use, takes fruit like apples and carrots whole, and easy to take apart and wash under the tap.  My worms in their wormery love the pulp, more about the wormery in another post.  This is the bundle of blender and juicer.  Sage BJE430SIL the Nutri Juicer Cold Fountain Centrifugal Juicer – Silver

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Toby Carvery Park Place – Great Vegan Option again

For my husband’s birthday we organised a family meal, he just loves a roast but since I have been vegan this is just not an option at home anymore so we wanted to find a restaurant that would serve us all well.  Well, we did it again, with a Toby Carvery, this time in Mitcham at the Park Place branch.

This restaurant is just so accepting of vegans.  They have a menu with a separate vegan section, and a number of them at that.  The waitress on this occasion was lovely and offered to fetch a selection of vegetables for me so that I did not have to go to the counter.  Where vegetable had a non-vegan glaze as standard she ordered vegan ones from the kitchen without the glaze, and included a jug of vegan gravy

Impressed, the restaurant is not far from us, so we will go back.

Please catch up with my vegan experiences in my review on Tripadvisor …..

Tripadvisor Review

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