Savoy Cafe, Mitcham – Vegan options

I meet up with a friend on a weekly basis while our children are attending home education classes.  This is the cafe nearest to the English class so we catch up here every week.  It is not vegan and does not offer vegan but they are happy to provide me with a vegan breakfast that I ask for myself.  Beans, onions, mushrooms on toast with a black coffee.  I used to bring an alternative milk in a flask, but actually I have sensed that these ‘kinds of milk’ are probably not that good for me.

Please catch up with my vegan experiences in my review on Tripadvisor …..

Vegan breakfast

My friend and I meet for a coffee and breakfast in here each week while are children study. While this cafe does not formally offer vegan food they are happy to put together a vegan breakfast for me when I ask… Savoy Cafe

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