Toby Carvery Park Place – Great Vegan Option again

For my husband’s birthday we organised a family meal, he just loves a roast but since I have been vegan this is just not an option at home anymore so we wanted to find a restaurant that would serve us all well.  Well, we did it again, with a Toby Carvery, this time in Mitcham at the Park Place branch.

This restaurant is just so accepting of vegans.  They have a menu with a separate vegan section, and a number of them at that.  The waitress on this occasion was lovely and offered to fetch a selection of vegetables for me so that I did not have to go to the counter.  Where vegetable had a non-vegan glaze as standard she ordered vegan ones from the kitchen without the glaze, and included a jug of vegan gravy

Impressed, the restaurant is not far from us, so we will go back.

Please catch up with my vegan experiences in my review on Tripadvisor …..

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