Trip to Edinburgh

Being vegan is actually very easy these days, especially if you are eating at home, or eating out in an area that you are familiar with so know exactly where to find vegan food.  But we have just returned from a week long trip to Edinburgh.

Our first night in  The Thyme Restaurant  at the Premier Inn there was simply nothing on the menu that was vegan.  The ex vegan waitress was very sympathetic but managed to rustle me up a salad and chips.  Not very exciting, but thankfully food, but we were rather shocked at the price and we did not return to eat.

A couple of nights we ate in a Toby Restaurant, we were with a  party of people, and it was a surprise to me that Toby Carvery would have vegan food, but infact they had a very good selection.  Well worth a trip if you can cope with eating in a carvery.

Of course Chinese or Indian restaurants are usually safe if looking for a vegan option.  We found the Rendezvous Restaurant, from reviews, and had those reviews not been so good we probably would not have tried this restaurant.  When we found it the exterior was poor, looked untouched since the 1950’s but up a couple of flights of stairs we found good food, and good service.

Amongst the touristy trips we took in while we were in Edinburgh, we visited Edinburgh Castle.  I had not been here since my childhood, we had toured Northumberland and Scotland towing a tourer caravan then.  I remember the Military Tattoo had been on when we arrived and the place had been busy.  This time, we had ample time to wander round the Castle and take in afternoon tea at the Redcoats Cafe  I loved this place, it made eating vegan food normal, with various milks for tea or coffee and a selection of cakes that included vegan and gluten as normal.  But it was a high price we paid for this normality.  Fantastic views though.

Well that is the round up of the vegan food on our trip, but for more info on other trips we took take a further look at my TripAdvisor reviews.  All in all it was a lovely holiday, but I can understand why the two people who I met on our travels who understood veganism were intact self confessed, ex vegans.

All good wishes to Edinburgh and thank you for your hospitality, the Scotch Whisky was good……

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