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I have been vegan for about seventeen months now.  It was a sudden decision when it came, but I had been brooding over the subject for some months.  I had previously dabbled with vegetarianism and pescatarianism prior to my marriage to a meat eater.  But at the time allowed my principles to take second place behind convenience of catering to our family of three.

When the decision finally came this time, it was when I arrived back from holiday to an empty fridge and thought it an opportune moment to just fill it with vegan produce.  But of course I don’t live in a vacuum, am a mother and wife and the most complicated side of this decision is how the family would fit in with the main caterer ceasing to cater with animal flesh and their secretions.  I think initially they were really ok with it as I presented it as a 30 day challenge.  I did not intend to mislead as I was curious how changing over completely would effect my body and consciousness, but while it was 30 days, if I am honest I did know that for me it would be a one way trip.  Once you know, how can you un-know?

When I had been vegetarian before it was driven by my knowledge that meat contained many drugs and my aversion to absorb these second hand.  This time it was different.  It was threefold;

1) Animal welfare,

2) Health,

3) Environment, but not necessarily in that order.

The thing that finally pushed me this time was the continual reminder from a friend about how inhumane halal meat slaughter is.  I decided to research it online and agreed that it is, but wondered if it were worse than kosher slaughter.  I did my research including researching what supposedly traditional / humane slaughter really meant.  I was truly appalled and could not believe that I had spent my whole life believing the propaganda that allows us to believe that there can actually be humane slaughter.  It is a contradiction in terms.

For me no going back.  But this blog is to talk from time to time about the problems of my lifestyle.  The joys of this lifestyle, and any useful experiences I have, plus I will include recipes etc that I have discovered or invented.  Things infact that have helped me along my path.

Welcome to my blog……..

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