7 day Juice Fast

I was thrilled to receive the wonderful birthday present of a new juicer and blender.  My last juicer was bought as a temporary item, 8 years ago.  I had bought a cheap one as I didn’t want to waste money before establishing whether juicing was for me. Benefits of cbd for rls – cbd for restless leg syndrome.  I used that one, years ago to do the 7 day juice fast and lost 10 lbs.  That was when my health was bad and in my pre vegan days.  That juicer still works so I will pass it on to someone who might want to try juicing before investing in a better one. Click here sideeffects

Now, onto that wonderful juicing selection that I was given.  I cannot recommend this enough, easy to use, takes fruit like apples and carrots whole, and easy to take apart and wash under the tap.  My worms  in their wormery love the pulp, more about the wormery in another post.  This is the bundle of blender and juicer.  Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Nutri Juicer Plus, 1300 W with the Boss To Go Blender, 0.5 L, 1000 W Bundle


Pleased to say I managed to lose 6 lbs on this occasion and have been juicing for weight loss since then, not for every meal but as a meal replacement.



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