Game Changers film results in more vegan converts

Since the Game Changers film was released I have heard of so many people converting to veganism. My own 15 year old son, was moved by the film and but for his current commitments would have joined me. Sadly he only managed two weeks, but it eating more vegan options as a result. You should know about where there valuable information.

A while back Greggs introduced a vegan sausage roll to their range, which was well received and already served coffee with soya milk. However since seeing the film Game Changers, Gregg’s Chief Executive has become vegan and plans to bring vegan options to their who range paraskasinotfi, Now this is exciting. Here, have a read……

Greggs boss ‘going vegan’ after watching Netflix documentary about damage done by meat

‘Avoiding meat is easy,’ says bakery chain executive

By Andy Gregory   

The boss of arguably the most celebrated retailer of meat-filled pastries in Britain has decided to go vegan after watching a Netflix documentary…..  click to read full article Visit buff.

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